The Last Remnant Review (PC) -

Out from the bowls of Square Enix comes another final fantasy style Japanese role playing game (JRPG). The game offers many levels of complexity and many new features such as creating “unions” which is also known as a group of units, the game also offers a game changer in the turn based genre which is strategic planning, when and where should you send your units which allows you to “deadlock”, “interference” and “flank” which all offer different results and in turn change the morale of the union.

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iliimaster2455d ago

i remember this game being total crap..... i didint even make it through the first chapter waisted 59.99

Jensen2455d ago

yee i heard it was utter crap..... this was on the 360 only right?

dragonraelms2454d ago

it did come out on pc. but there wasn't a major hype about it. personally i prefer the pc version as it seems alot nicer to play

TheDivine2455d ago

Its a good game. It had bad pop-in and some other stuff but installing it on the 360 makes it WAY better. My gripe is the commands are random so you cant always use certain stuff and battles are slow (pc version fixed the slow battles). It was everything ff13 wasnt, big, towns, sidequests, crazy hard hidden bosses. Its def not for everybody but its a good game. Any jrpg fan should at least try it.

pctrollv42455d ago

if you get the .ini file tweak for pc it looks great. I think its one of the most underrated and best jrpgs this gen by far. Much better than ff13, up there with lost odyssey. It is hard too. Absolutely love it.

Brownghost2455d ago

this was meant for hardcore jrpgs fans. I played the demo and it never got me interested

DarkEvE2454d ago

As a hardcore RPG fan i thought this was a great game which took me 20 hours to complete.