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Ace Combat: Assault Horizon redesigns the treacherous lifestyle of combat pilots into a Need for Speed experience. This game hides fast and furious pilot action behind a realistic Call of Duty exterior. Assault Horizon is not really about the realism so much as it is about the thrill of getting inside the cockpit and being one bad you know what. While it may alienate hardcore Ace Combat and flight sim fans with its easy gameplay, Assault Horizon will garner a broader fan base thanks to its loose controls and rewarding action.

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HavenDan2335d ago

Heard about this game. It looks pretty decent, probably won't pick it up but better than I was expecting.

Canary2335d ago

Most reviews tend to gloss over or ignore the complaints. Here's the bullet points:

1. Short number of missions
2. Much of the game is on-rails
3. A ton of scripted enemies that can ONLY be killed with on-rails CRA (like on on-rails QTE mode).
4. enemies spawn directly on top of the player at low altitude
5. Completely incoherent mess of a story

It's a flying game that doesn't actually fly, so it mostly plays like a (very casual) shooter.

UltimateIdiot9112335d ago

It depends on how you feel about older Ace Combat games.

I honestly didn't like it one bit. The story didn't pull me in at all. The fight doesn't seem that epic. DFM takes away from the flow and it feels like they force you to use DFM mode otherwise you could be wasting a load of missiles (only like 1 missles out of every 20 or so missiles actually hits) trying to take out an Ace with infinite flares. Regenerating planes...regenerating planes....

cbclerk2335d ago

I don't mind the mess of a story, but yeah I can see your POVs. I just like Ace Combat games warts and all.