Is video game marketing getting out of hand?

Marketing is big business for any and all consumer products and services. At one time video games sold because of word of mouth advertising, magazine ads and articles, and the occasional commercial that would air during Saturday morning cartoons. Now, however, we have massive ad campaigns spanning from 30-second television spots to Twitter contests. With so much going into drumming up hype, have marketers taken things a bit too far as of late?

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bgrundman2218d ago

If you are talking about it, their advertising campaign has been successful.

jacksonmichael2218d ago

I wouldn't say that... Kevin Butler is awesome.

GTRrocker2218d ago

Marketing in general has gotten out of hand I think. That is why I don't watch TV or listen to the radio anymore.

Vortex3D2218d ago

If part of the money allocated for marketing is used for development, the games could come out better.

Fanboys don't need the game marketing. It's just to feel better. Example, does Halo need that kind of huge marketing so that gamers and fanboys are more "aware" of the game?

But it's always the fanboys that complain why their favorite game doesn't get enough marketing.

kma2k2218d ago

i gotta admit, "here's to my no look flaming crossbow shot" is the most awsome quote ever! lol

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