What are your favourite Oblivion moments?

What gets your blood pumping when you play Oblivion?
Find out what moments were the best and get all nostalgic.

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zeal0us2459d ago

Dark Brotherhood mission when I go to this party to kill everyone, it was quite fun. Or using illusion magic to cause a riot. Or putting on the gray fox mask just to have guards chasing after me.

Zashule2458d ago

That was my favorite part of the game:
Lets lock you in the house with several strangers, then proceed to slowly kill them off one by one without anyone knowing you are the killer.


kramun2458d ago

Yeah that mission was excellent, one of the highlights of the Dark Brotherhood quest.

When the guy runs off to kill the last guy was so funny. He got so worked up.

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IrishAssa2458d ago

It really had some problems anyway, mostly caused by the level scaling and generated world. All gone for SKyrim at least, like Morrowind, theres a reason alot of fans prefer MW over Obliv. FO 3 and NV were better than OB in those way as well, oblvion completely negated the sense of character building.

SP3333D-O2458d ago

Buying it for cheap on Steam. It was all downhill from there.

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