DICE Recommends Chrome and Firefox For Use With Battlelog

GameFront, "We’d heard on the BF3 forums the other day that the recommended browser for Battlelog is Internet Explorer 9, which sounded totally ridiculous. And it was ridiculous, because that’s not true at all."

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SP3333D-O2487d ago

I recommend Chrome or Firefox for anything web-related.

malol2487d ago

i use chrome
and i approve this message

gamingdroid2487d ago

I avoid Chrome cause I don't want Google to keep track of me and my data, then never delete it!

Even more scary, is the fact that Google is actually good at search. That's a bad combination.


For your information Google does delete your information... only 28 years later after a search.

3GenGames2486d ago (Edited 2486d ago )

Gamingdroid, then use Chromium. It's Chrome without the Google tracking, but still.....

...If you think every site doesn't automatically get where you came/went to anyway, you'll be mistaken. Take a look at everywhere you click on youtube and facebook and see the refference of where you came to that page. And servers pretty much track the IP you came from so between sites it'd still be there.

HardCover2486d ago

And if you turn off your Ad Block, you'll be welcomed to ads telling you that there's some new low insurance rate in your local town.

gamingdroid2486d ago (Edited 2486d ago )

There are ways you can block cookies to prevent websites from tracking you.

In terms of knowing where you are and advertising local services, it is all based on your IP. They don't know who you are personally, unless they can subpoena your ISP.

That said, I use a few browsers (with private mode) to keep things separate from stuff I have accounts with and stuff I don't need or have "spam accounts" with.

That's how I roll! ... and I ain't rolling with Chrome, but Chromium sounds interesting.

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Dart892487d ago

For the love of god i can't even find it i type it in and it says DNS not available any suggestions yes i am using Chrome??

Tachyon_Nova2487d ago

I haven't had any issues with ie9. Funny that I have IE, Chrome and Firefox on my PC yet it defaults to IE.

3GenGames2486d ago (Edited 2486d ago )

Developers do though because IE follows microsoft chose-which-to-follow standards, is slow, and is just an overall POS.

And that'd why you go into your Chrome options and set it to the default browser.

Tachyon_Nova2486d ago

Eh I don't know,why people have such issues with IE. I've done many speed tests comparing IE, Firefox, Chrome and even Safari and Opera, the only browser that was faster than IE on my PC on average was Chrome. Safari and Firefox were on average about 1.5-2 times slower than IE, Opera was about the same as IE.

meetajhu2487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )

Advanced web users and developers use firefox. People who are new to the internet use Chrome,Opera or IE. But IE is the most secure though.

Pandamobile2486d ago

I think everything you just said was wrong.

3GenGames2486d ago

That's why nobody touches Chrome and flocks to IE for free cash at Pwn2Own? IE is the WORST browser security, standards, speed, and interface wise. AKA it's a utter pile of f'n shat.

And also, developers use Chrome for the speed of development of running their content and also the pretty good developer tools and app and extensions on top of all that.

Are you a web developer? I would bet NOT.

y0haN2486d ago

IE9 and IE10 are NOT slow, they beat out Chrome and Firefox's rendering engines by a fair amount for now.

KongRudi2487d ago

Opera is by far the best browser.. :)
It makes everything so much easier and faster.

If you close this tab and hit ctrl+z in opera, it will magically return..
While all other browsers havn't discovered this 20 year old Undo-feature, there you have to hassle about with the mouse through various menus, and rarely you can undo more than one action.

Download a torrent-file, all other browsers goes searching for your torrent-app, while Opera asks if you want to use the built in app, or a third party app..

And a proper download-manager aswell for store saved content, wich can pause and continue files.

I can get why people use Chrome, but using IE is just mindboggling.

HardCover2486d ago (Edited 2486d ago )

No ctrl+z equivalent, in Firefox?

Lrn2 ctrl+shift+T or ctrl+shift+N, noob.