TERA Gets Spooky with a Halloween Trailer and Five New Screenshots

En Masse Entertainment released a Halloween trailer and five new screeshots of TERA Online.

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ATi_Elite2488d ago

I'm no fan of WOW but Tera and it's action game play will be one of the many MMO's i'll be playing in 2012.

Black Prophecy
Guild Wars 2
Planetside 2
The Secret World
World of Darkness

Abriael2488d ago

There are seriously way too many coming out from december onwards lol

ATi_Elite2488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

well according to some PC has "No Games and No Exclusives" imagine that!

yeh your right way too many AAA titles coming out! I may skip out on Black Prophecy but the rest of that list I have to get plus regular stand alone titles like Diablo 3 STALKER 2 Arma III DOTA2 etc.

Buuhan12488d ago

I'm not a fan of MMOs anymore, but since seeing this a few weeks ago I've found it to just look so enticing...

Tanir2487d ago

regular mmo's are stale and boring, i hate hotkey stuff, havent enjoyed it since the first everquest, and thats probably because it was my first mmo.

not action mmo's like vindictus, C9, Tera are what rule in my opinion. Skill and actual fun gameplay.

me and my fiance cant wait for tera!

you should try vindictus (Korean name is Mabinogi Heroes), its free and you can play with a controller.

Buuhan12487d ago

I actually have Vindictus installed and I played around with it for a couple minutes (I made a character). I haven't actually gotten to combat or anything yet, tho.

Tanir2487d ago

ahhh i see, you should try it out, the game is really fun. best combat of mmo's out now imo