Steam Halloween Sale Begins

Steam has begun its Halloween Sale from October 27th To October 31st you can save money on about 30 items. Check out all the items below, and get your wallets ready to be raped by Steam and some Zombies

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Kran2369d ago

Some fantastic deals. Picked up Amnesia with the £3 I had left. Unfortunately, I cant buy anything else :(

NYC_Gamer2369d ago

how is penumbra?someone who played the title give me some feed back...

Canary2369d ago

Ffffffffffffffffffffffffffff.. ..........

I just bought a Steam copy of VTM:Bloodlines three days ago.

Kran2369d ago

You should have seen this coming :P

You know how Valve are with seasonal events!

caboose322369d ago

How is that game?

I was thinking of getting it.

Canary2369d ago

It's AWESOME. Buy it, you won't regret it. Just make sure to install the Unofficial Patch before playing it (and I think there was a modpack).

There's a reason it spawned the meme, "If you mention it, SOMEONE will reinstall it."

Only reason I bought the steam version was to make it easier to reinstall ever other year.

Anyway, just make sure you don't play as a Malk or Nosferatu on your first playthrough.

Holy **** you're going to love it. Play it. Now.

@Kran: I know! I know how Valve is with seasonal events! I did see this coming!

...I just kind of forgot about Halloween.

caboose322369d ago

Awesome alright ill pick it up. And yea I heard about the unofficial patches. Something about the dev stopped releasing patches for it so the community had to fix the game.

maawdawg2369d ago (Edited 2369d ago )

I bought Space Pirates and Zombies last night. :(

Terraria, SPAZ, the Dead Space Bundle, Borderlands and L4D2 I would consider must own at those prices.

icecoldfire2369d ago

why is'nt portal or portal 2 added to the list. GLaDoS scares the crap out of me and still has the time to insult me.

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