Four new I Am Alive screenshots

Ubisoft released four new screenshots of I Am Alive.

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raytraceme2486d ago

Wonder a game like this was made by quantic dreams :D

krazykombatant2486d ago

This game looks good, nice to hear that it isn't dead.

BushLitter2486d ago

Definitely does have an uncharted vibe about it.

I must say, I'm disappointed with the way the character looks. I was really hoping that I'd get to play as a suited businessman or something. Something different. This guy looks like he was born ready for adventuring.

Anyway lets hope it turns out as good as it's looking so far

ironfist922485d ago

Yea, i feel a few missed potentials here when I see new videos, and comapre them with the promising CGI trailer.

Wouldve been nice to see the transition from business man to dirty confused and beatdown survivor in the end. Also the whole water as a bargaining tool wouldve been quite innovative, but I dont know if they're gonna include anything as smart as that.

Still gonna check it out though, has potential, and I hope that its a strict Survival game WIHOUT any sci-fi or horror elements. They should aim for realism as much as possible.

EazyC2486d ago

I feel bad for thinking that a DL title means a not-so-good game, because this game does sound very good. It just seems that these titles never get good reviews (DL only ones), keeping me away from purchasing. I think this might change that however.

But then again, it makes sense if the campaign is relatively short with no open-endedness (a la Fallout or Deus Ex, where game length and replayability make SP only more than justified).

BushLitter2486d ago

Limbo is a DL only title, so is Braid and Trine. There is also a DL only Tomb Raider title that received excellent reviews

EazyC2486d ago

Oh sure there are exceptions to the rule (pardon my use of the word 'never').