PS Blog: Mass Effect 3 Co-op Report: All 4 One

PS Blog: "Yes, Virginia, there is a multiplayer mode in Mass Effect 3. And it’s in the form of a galaxy-spanning PSN cooperative campaign that pits two to four players against wave after wave of relentless Reaper forces. In this way, the basic premise of Mass Effect 3’s Galaxy at War co-op mode is not unlike Call of Duty’s Nazi Zombies or Modern Warfare 2’s Spec Ops, only with the series’ robust RPG progression system making the jump in full force."

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wicko2459d ago

Could be good, but could be a lot better if there was more fleshed out objectives than just kill everything. I for one am glad there is an end to the match and not just unlimited waves.

rob60212459d ago

I like reading stuff from PSBlog because we know it's straight up PR; rather than PR disguised as someone's opinion.