BioWare: 'Maxed Out PS3, Xbox 360 Tech Lets Us Iterate On Gameplay'

NowGamer: BioWare Edmonton boss not bothered by untapped power.

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Double_Oh_Snap2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

Interesting, I hope ME3 is way more RPG then ME2 still loved ME2 though.

fluffydelusions2490d ago

I'd say both consoles are pretty much maxed out. Even naughty dog didn't do much from UC2->UC3 graphics wise. They mainly improved animations and a few minor things. Nothing drastic like UC1->UC2. That said, I'm perfectly fine with graphics as they are for the next couple years. Just improve gameplay, story etc. That works for me.

darkside20112490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

but still that didn't stop uncharted 3 from being the best graphics ever on consoles according to my eyes and all the reviews

and i don't think there is any thing will beat it
maybe god of war 4 or the last guardian

any way can't wait for ME3

edit :
who ever disagree with me
just tell me
why you disagree and back it up with some prove or some links please

darkside20112490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

ok thanks guys for not proving any thing other than you have nothing to back up your disagrees
you can continue with your disagrees
like it will change a damn thing about the truth

i agree but still the things they have done with the engine in uncharted 3 was damn incredible

that's my opinion
and most the reviews
thats why the game is now 94% and it will go up
most the reviews agree on that and you can see that when you read the reviews
and so am i

so it's not only my opinion

dark-hollow2490d ago

Uncharted 3 is the best looking game on consoles because uncharted 2 was tye best looking game.

I love this gen but don't expect any major graphics jump above what have been done before.

gamingdroid2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

maybe because you what you said is pretty much an opinion, and you can't refute opinion....

What is best looking for you might not apply to others. That said UC3 does look fantastic, although I preferred the art direction of UC2 more.

nycredude2490d ago

I guess you played Uncharted 3 already right?

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32490d ago

I hope ME3 gets and uses all the updates of the enhanced UE. ME has always had great particle effects, but Gears 3 has risen the bar...

Montrealien2490d ago

Well, I have played Uncharted 3, it has some impressive set pieces which are much more impressive then 2, but it's not a leap in the graphics department. I still se foilage getting drawn in 20 feet away from me, like in Uncharted 1 and 2.

The uncharted franchise is simply incredible.

ApplEaglElephant2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

i agree that that UC3 BETA and UC2 looks very similar with small improvement

but if you look at stunning UC3 retail version against UC2. then there is clear improvement. maybe not as big as UC1 to UC2, but very obvious one.

Hell, even IGN announced that it is the best graphics on console.

younglj012489d ago

you is saying that like its a bad thing.How about we get some exclusive 3rd party games on tha PS3.Yes ND is pushing graphics.But they are also improving animations,A.I.,H2H combat,Story,Character detail.

What ND have been doing is awesome.Also credit goes too GG and MM.There are games that dont even look better then UC1.

PS3 is not maxed out certain developers are showing you what can be made on this gen.I personal dont want tha PS4 anytime soon.

RumbleFish2489d ago

I don't know what kind of glasses some people wear when they play video games...

on topic: another console x or y is maxed out article... ...yawn

morganfell2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

Epic may or may not have pushed the 360 to the limit but Bioware has not.

Naughty Dog may or may not have pushed the PS3 to the limit but Bioware has not.

Until Bioware get into the same ballpark as the above 2 named developers they need to continue striving in that direction AS WELL AS refining gameplay and innovating mechanics.

It wouldn't hurt for them to make ME3 with actual RPG mechanics rather than a providing a popcorn shooter with RPG lite thrown in as an after thought.

They also need to stop building cheap trap levels. "Oh look the door locked shut/wall fell/rocks collapsed until I kill all of these spawning enemies who all look like one of 5 people."

Gamer30002489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

Off topic :
i see disagrees but not a single thing to back it up

but i will back you up with this
read the reviews and see why it's the best gfx on consoles
BTW i played the game
i'm in chapter 12 right now
and i agree with the reviews too
and it's not only IGN who give it 10/10 you know

but some people in here
have a hard time accepting that
so they disagree just to feel better like their disagrees will change a damn thing about the truth

N4G is not a pro ps3 site like every fanboy say
see the disagrees in every uncharted 3 review to see what i mean
and i know i will get stealth disagrees also with no one proving a damn thing too
but i don't care this is the truth and those fanboys need to deal with it

they mean that they maxed out their engine not ps3 or 360

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Persistantthug2490d ago

Gonna probably take a couple more weeks to get to it, but I wanna see what all the fuss is about.

ghaleon19802489d ago

Enjoy man, you're in for a great game!

_Aarix_2489d ago

cant play (well, enjoy) the second game without the first.

HardCover2489d ago

You can enjoy the second without the first.

The problem lies in the fact that 1 is waaaaay better to the non-streamlined audience.

PRHB HYBRiiD2489d ago

i... think im going to buy this (:


I don't know if it's just me, but the more I read about all the stuff Skyrim is doing, the more I look at ME and other games and just wonder what it is they claim to be maxing out?

When they can make the game as massive and dynamic as skyrim, then they can come back and tell me they are maxing out the consoles.

if skyrim looked crap, then maybe I could understand it, but it's not even that, the game looks just as beautiful.

WitWolfy2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

I think the developers mean they actually maxed out their engine to the capabilities on the hardware of each machine.

That would sound a whole lot better, just saying you maxed out a console in todays day and age is just plain STUPID! But maxing out a specific engine to the machine's architecture would make A LOT more sense.


@ WitWolfy

Thanks, I get what you mean. yes that does make a lot more sense.

Not that it would happen but I would love to see Bethesda make a sci-fi rpg (not fallout) but more sort of ME 100 or 1000's of years in the future.

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superfranky2490d ago

yet Mass Effect 3 still looks not that better than Mass Effect 1
if they ditch rpg and story, they at leash should polish their graphics, Gears 3 looks so much better

Nate-Dog2490d ago

Man Mass Effect (1) is my favourite game ever and even I would never claim such a thing as to say ME3 looks almost the same as ME1, the differences are vast, at least from what we've seen so far.

IrishAssa2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

Yeah thats a stupid claim, ME1 looks like Shi* compared to even ME2, ME1 was better game imo but still

Also ME2 runs so much smooter

Marceles2490d ago

Yeah that was pretty much my gripe on ME2 was it felt more like a shooter. If they bring it back to ME1 where they get rid of only leveling us up after finishing a mission, that would already make a big improvement.

Foxgod2490d ago

Gears would never run on the ps3.
Dont get me wrong, sure the ps3 can handle games that looks as good, uncharted for example.

What i mean is that the unreal engine favors unified ram, which is the reason why it works better on the 360.

dark-hollow2490d ago

Uncharted 3 imo looks better than gears 3.

You can have your "opinion" about which one looks better but saying ps3 can't run gears is just laughable.

darkside20112490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

ps3 can handle any game on xbox
but i can't say the same about xbox with games like uncharted 2-3/killzone 2-3/god of war 3
the gfx and the size
is too much for xbox360 to handle
and that's a BIG FAT FACT
uncharted 3 is a 45gb and kz3/god of war 3 are 40gb

digger182490d ago

"What i mean is that the unreal engine favors unified ram, which is the reason why it works better on the 360"

Good god Foxgod, what are you smoking?

The best platform the unreal engine runs on is the PC, which does not have unified ram, it has separate CPU and GPU ram, much the same as the PS3. Only cheap PC's and laptops have unified (shared) ram like the 360 has.

Godmars2902490d ago

Which is why UT3 showed up on the PS3 first? With the option to install mods off the web no less.

How is that example completely ignored?

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32490d ago


Just because an engine came out on a console first doesn't mean it runs better. With that said, Gears came out in '06, while UT3 came out in '07. Besides, I'd be modest in saying at least 80% of the UE3 games run better on the 360. What's the point in debating that?

kcuthbertson2490d ago

Batman Arkham City and Arkham Asylum say hello...

Don't talk about something that you have no clue about.

Godmars2902490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

"What's the point in debating that?"

Well, the fact that you're debating it for one.

For another, that with the name UT3, its safe to assume that it acted as a flagship game for UE3. That given such an example, logic suggest that Gears1 could be made to play on a PS3. That the only thing stopping that from happening are legal issues, not technical one.

Honestly, like kcuthbertson suggest with the Arkham games, there are too many examples to suggest that Gears could run on a PS3. How well it would work would depend on Epic, but if they could get Bulletstorm running, I don't know why they couldn't do the same with Gears.

jozzah2489d ago

PS3 can run everything with the super best graphics ever. /sarcasm

Incapable of party chat.........

WitWolfy2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )


Not saying your wrong, but Batman PS3 looks and runs just as good as its 360 counter part, so I think developers using the Unreal engine on the PS3 found a way to make it equally good if not better.

Unreal 3 might have been build with the 360 in mind, but hell PS3 is sure keeping its own when you compare the two

limewax2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )


No offence but you should stop saying fact because what you are stating is actually the rubbish the devs feed to trolls.

The truth of it is Xbox could easily handle Uncharted, The file sizes are inflated heavily to reduce piracy, not because it uses 40Gb. there is no such thing as a 40Gb game because it would be HUGE. rage is currently the largest clocking around 24Gb and that is purely because of mega-meshes.

Why don't MS have these games on Xbox? Because they belong to Sony, there is nothing more to it than that. If you don't think Santa Monica or Naughty Dog could optimize their games to run off a 360 then you really aren't giving them enough credit

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SageHonor2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

At least mass effect 3 has more colorful and beautiful environments.. Instead of the same grey and brown tone that is Gears 3


Yeah I bought it when it first came out. And yes i played it.

gamingdroid2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )


Gears 3 is grey and brown? Have you played the game? Clearly not!

Gears 3 is very colorful and that is in fact one of the complaints I hear all the time. Personally, I prefer the destroyed beauty (read grey and brown) artistic direction in Gears 1 much more. It was very unique.

ME can look a little sterile, but that is how the game world should look.

_Aarix_2489d ago

whoever said that is a idiot. plain and simple. The only thing pinning gears 3 to "gray and brown" is wallpapers in pitch black setting even someone who played gears 3 for 5 minutes can see the absolute gorgeous detail in the environment thats very very colorful.

maniacmayhem2489d ago

Hahaha, i remember certain brigade members complaining about Gears being all brown. I guess in a world devastated by war and death they wanted to see more rainbows and unicorns.

jc485732490d ago

so in what ways did they max out the consoles?

gamingdroid2490d ago

by spawning gazillion threads all doing Fast Fourier Transform calculations. Completely maxed out the CPU and GPU while outputting one pixel on the screen in different colors.

Best graphics ever as a result of maxing out the console!!! @#[email protected]#

andibandit2489d ago

It dosnt really matter anymore does it?. Theres been alot of developers saying the same thing.
If the developers feel that the consoles are maxed out, they might as well be maxed out.
The real truth is of course that in 10 years time consoles still wont be maxed out.
The truth that matters is that when the curve for
"Performance gain" vs "Man hours" is too steep, then for all intents and purposes, in a world where money keeps the wheels turning, the consoles are maxed out.

Oh and before anyone throws UC3 graphics in my face, dont, it would just prove you know nothing about game engines.

Megaton2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

BioWare also claimed they maxed out the 360 with ME1. Derp.

@below - True enough. ME1 did have severe framerate problems at numerous points on the 360.

A_Troll_From_Ign2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

yer it is possible, me1 wasnt that effiecient.


imagine a box and you just throw a load of shapes in there. you get some shapes in but not that many. now empty the box and start again, this time put each shape in the box one at a time and join them up with the other shapes. you will find that you can fit a lot more in.


mass effect 2 showed this and so will mass effect 3. both 2 and 3 will be alot more optimized.

Corax2490d ago

Every time I hear "We maxed out _____" I laugh.

HardCover2489d ago

What's so funny about reaching a hardware limit?