Top 5 Occupy Wall Street Riot Games

Daav from gets all political and reactionary for a second and brings the best suited games for a social revolution! Put on the bandana's, get your boys, get some guns or have some augmentations done, because this is about to get heavy!

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Tuxedo_Mask2312d ago

First we had the Tea Party complaining about things, now there's Occupy Wall Street? When are people going to realize that it's their own stupidity that has lead to things being the way that they are? "I'm a Democrat!" "I'm a Republican!" Well you're both idiots and should learn to think for yourselves and come up with your own ideas rather than wait for your party to hand them out to you.

As for the games selected, it's oddly appropriate that they're all old since that's all protestors will be able to afford anyway since they're obviously not working. Then again there are rumors that they're being paid to protest, so unless you can get those games to work on their iPhones or iPads I don't think they'll be interested in playing them.

r2kcipher2312d ago (Edited 2312d ago )

"Well you're both idiots and should learn to think for yourselves and come up with your own ideas rather than wait for your party to hand them out to you."

oh you mean like protesting...?

or demanding change?

you clearly dont understand what this is about. getting corporate money out politics is one of the movements main points. and seeing that dems and reps both receive corporate donations. i have a hard time believing these people support either party.

"When are people going to realize that it's their own stupidity that has lead to things being the way that they are?"

they already have hence the protest.

Tuxedo_Mask2312d ago

Yeah, because camping out on Wall Street, banging bongos, and yelling while holding a sign is really changing things isn't it? What happened to voting, running for office yourself, or choosing to support someone other than the establishment candidates?

Everyone says the third party can never win an election. Why? Because the two shepherds, D and R, don't want it to happen. The sad thing is, those protestors could do more if they actually got involved in the process rather than just whine about it. Wall Street is going to try and make money no matter what the rules are. That's just what Wall Street does.

If the politicians are having their pockets stuffed than it's their fault for not having the guts to do what they were sent to do. Is it frustrating that the government isn't working right? Yes, but the government is supposed to be made up of representatives of the people, so if the people in the government aren't representing you, vote them out and make sure the next guy you send is trustworthy enough to do what he needs to.

As for lobbyists, yes they're not good for our country, but the only people who can ban them are the people who are being wooed by them. Make your next representative promise to get rid of them or you'll kick them out and then see how long they last.

r2kcipher2312d ago

you are far too optimistic about the democratic process in America. i have a hard time disagreeing with what you said but its unrealistic. 90% of Americans are either too comfortable or misled by the media to vote or care about anything thats important. so even if you try your damnedest like nader and paul have for years chances are the powers that be will always be a step ahead.

so i am glad to see these protests because it means people are starting to care. and if they keep getting trampled by the police the politicians will have to take notice too.

Bigpappy2312d ago

You really believe you can just do your own thing and all will be fine and dandy? No such luck pal. If you what to truely have a chance at success, you first have to understand the rule. If the rules are not in your favor, then you have to change them. No one changes the rules alone. You need to find support and rally for change. Organizing have proven to be very affective in all parts of the world and through out history.

Hicken2312d ago

Well said. I don't know what this guy is thinking about, but he obviously has no idea how "the real world" works.

Tuxedo_Mask2312d ago

I believe that there are more productive ways to change how things are than to stand outside of a building and yell. If the Tea Party and OWS really want to change things there are much easier and more productive ways to do it.

There is one thing you're right about, no one can change the rules alone, but camping out on Wall Street isn't the way to change them. Have any of the politicians been hurrying to meet the requests of OWS, or the Tea Party for that matter? No, because they aren't talking directly to them, they're shouting at people who could care less about what they think because they aren't elected by them.

If you really want change, do it from within the government. It may be hard, but it's not impossible. Is it a perfect system? No, but it's what we have and it's better than anything else out there. If you don't believe me, feel free to take a trip around "the real world", go to Libya, Egypt, Iran, Greece, places that are a lot worse off than we are.

Don't like how things are in the US? Don't cast your words to the wind on Wall Street. Tell your representative, tell the president, and tell them often. I'll even do you a favor and post the links.

Hicken2312d ago

How often do you think that works? I didn't vote for the governor of my state, but for someone else. Why would he listen to me? Why would my words, the words of someone who doesn't support his views, be given any weight? Other people voted him in, and those are the people whose opinions he will consider.

Believe me, I'd like it a whole lot better if we COULD just send a letter and have people change things. But the ones who got our representatives into office have similar viewpoints and the person they elected (which is why they voted for him in the first place), and those viewpoints are the ones our representatives pay the most attention to. Those viewpoints got them their position; if those people have no problems with things as they stand, then that representative will not change his or her policy. After all, they can't do anything if they're not elected again, right? That's the mentality they have, anyway.

When you look at it that way, it's no surprise that people would do something that's far more public. And it helps those who think "Well, my words don't mean anything, anyway" see that there are plenty of others who are willing to take action and do something.

Daavpuke2311d ago

This debate here has nothing to do with said games or anything, but I don't mind the debate. I rather have gamers be aware, rather than unaware; no matter what their stance is in the matter. We all have opinions and beliefs.