BoooooomSnipes Playlist Coming To Gears 3 This Weekend

This weekend Epic is bringing us yet another playlist to have fun with. Players will notice the addition of a playlist labeled “BoooooomSnipes” which, you guessed it, contains only Boomshots and Longshots.

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JeffGUNZ2455d ago

They have all these playlists every week, but they can't listen to their community and male a "classic" playlist without the SOS and the retro lancer.

limewax2455d ago

Oh well their loss, It's funny actually since my old GeoW crew got together for the end of the trilogy, And within 2 days we unanimously stopped playing the online. It pushed more down the road of GeoW2 than the original which makes no sense as it was a lot less popular.

All in all as for the online Gears went out as one big irrelevant bang. Only roughly 50k players in the release week. That's hardly even a fraction of the Halo 3 numbers. Honestly I doubt MS will be very interested in exclusives at all since the debacle. The online figures for it really suck bad

JeffGUNZ2455d ago

I am sure this game is still a huge success for Microsoft, the pre-order sales were amazing so were the first week sales. The online has the potential to be amazing if they just added a classic playlist. COD does it and so do a lot of other games. EPIC Forums are lite up with veteran fans complaining about how the SOS has ruined the game. For christ sakes, King of the Hill is unbearable to play, everyone at the circle has a fucking sawed off and they are hiding around corners.

I still play it often, but I am quickly drawing disinterest in the game. I will probably play till I reach level 100 and pick up COD or BF3.