Do we even want a Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer? [Preview]

IncGamers: At its highest level, Galaxy at War is presented as a battle between the allied alien races and the Reapers (you know, those bad guys threatening to wipe out all existence other than their own). At its immediate level however, things play out in a fashion similar to any other game featuring wave based co-operative multiplayer.

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Darkfiber2399d ago

Not in the slightest. I have no desire to play this whatsoever. Honestly, I would rather (if the game HAD to have multiplayer) just have co-op through the main story where up to 2 other players can join your game and play the other members of your squad and take part in multiplayer conversations like they are doing with The Old Republic. Experiencing and interacting with the story would be 100 times better than some stupid horde mode that's been done to death. I play these games for the story, setting and atmosphere, not for the shooting.

maniacmayhem2399d ago

Sure why not. Anything to extend the life of this great franchise is welcomed.

The producer of this game has already stated that the production and inclusion of mp didn't hinder the sp at all.

Anyways, can't wait for this game.

Bigpappy2399d ago (Edited 2399d ago )

Its the developer's choice. I buy what ever they develope as long as the finished product apeals to me when it is done. I don't get involved in telling developers how to make their games - they are the professionals. I just examine the end result and decide rather or not to buy.

How the heck would I know whether or not it is a good idea without seeing the end product?

novaspire2399d ago

honestly, a star wars battlefront like game i think could be perfect for mass effect. if only.

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