Heavy Fire: Afghanistan - Five New Screenshots Released

DSOGaming writes: "Mastiff released today five new screenshots for their much-anticipated military action title Heavy Fire: Afghanistan."

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Orpheus2430d ago

A game fueled by oil and blood.

ATi_Elite2430d ago

America's economy fueled by oil and blood...fix

zeeshan2429d ago

Epic comment. I'm from the U.S. But you sir are spot on.

ironfist922429d ago

You would think it would be insensitive to release a game where you kill citizens of Afghanistan.

ATi_Elite2430d ago

Oh great another simple minded shooter! will look for some video so i can check out the game play but the phrase.....

"the old-school on-rails gameplay with modern graphics"

has me thinking FAIL!

john22430d ago

It's on-rails, meaning a game similar to Time Crisis, Crisis Zone and House of the Dead