Sony’s PlayStation Not Concerned That the Vita Will Miss the Holidays

Don’t compare it to the iPad, Nintendo’s 3DS, or even its predecessor, the PlayStation Portable.

Vita, the upcoming handheld device, is hoping it’s in a class of its own, says John Koller, Sony’s PlayStation director of hardware marketing.

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supremacy2370d ago

The bundle sounds good, though I am not interested in the 3g version just the wifi, as I believe thats all ill ever need with my cell providing wifi to it.

No need for a 3g plan, specially from one from at&t.

Also, not really digging little deviants, not my kind of game.

I suppose, the only pros in this deal are the included memory stick, case and the earlier pick up deadline.

As far as the delay is concerned, I am not worried about it. Sony made a wise decision in my opinion to avoid the madness that is november and instead focus on releasing the platform during tax break season. Smart move.

klecser2370d ago

Your last sentence does make sense. Vita isn't geared towards kids. Clearly adults. Are adults more likely to buy systems for Christmas or with tax returns?

MasterCornholio2370d ago (Edited 2370d ago )

I agree. People usually assume that Nintendo handhelds are for the kids while Sony's are for the older audience. This is caused by the overall age ratings of the games for each. I honestly haven't seen a Zelda game for 18 and over. While with sony you have games such as god of war that border on the AO rating.


rexbolt2370d ago

to bad more kids own more psps hen kids own ds cus hey arent real gamers and think thy are cool for owning and playing g0rey games

klecser2370d ago (Edited 2370d ago )

I don't find anything inherently wrong with any system on the market. I don't like the PSP for this exact reason you mentioned. The games don't appeal to me. They could be the most gorgeous looking games in the world (PSP and Vita are obviously technically far superior to Nintendo), but I can't find any games I want to play on Sony systems. I don't like FPS or God of War or gory games. Sony fans really struggle to understand why I don't like PSP and my honest answer is that I'm not 17 years old anymore. I don't want gore or boobs or guns just for the sake of those things. Are there SOME games on PSP I'd like? Sure. But not enough to warrant me buying a system. Maybe I'll buy a PSP at its lowest cost just as the Vita comes out.

danny8182370d ago

im sure this bad boy will sell, as i have 3 friends allready that have preordered it,not including me. And Supremacy did state and interesting fact, that it is tax season which will increase or sustain sales substantially

nevin12370d ago

It would been huge if Vita was released this holiday season. But I have to sort of disagree with the Vita not being for kids. One of the reasons why DS sold way more than PSP was the price diffrence. Alot parents but their kids DSs instead of PSPs because of the price. Sony relied heavily on the Playstation console fans to buy PSPs.