The Catch-Up: 5 Games I REALLY Want To Play

Default Prime's Kyree Leary talks about five games that really grab his attention, but that he has yet to play. Have you played them? "To date I’ve written about 5 Games I Haven’t Played, 6 Games You Should Play, and 4 Games I Won’t Be Going Back To. Those articles spawned from the lack of ‘old’ games that I had available to me to talk about and came out in May, June and July respectively. Apparently I had a theme going. My point is that I’m going to continue on with that trend of games that you, myself, or those other guys who keep staring through my window, have/haven’t played."

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buckley2402d ago

Amnesia is hands-down the scariest game I have ever played, and something I think everyone should experience. Loved it.

Venox20082402d ago

All games are great and you have to play them all..