160° Podcast 76: Non-Scary Battlefield

This week on the ParaNerds Podcast, the ParaNerds talk about Bat-Man Arkham City, Super Monkey Ball (iOS) and Sonic Generations. They also read some fan mail along with news (see below) and new releases. This week the Rooster and Kevin go over the Top Ten Scary Moments in Non-Scary Games. They also speak about how kids today won’t have the same video game music they grew up with. Also Kevin reviews Air Conflicts:Secret Wars and Rooster talks about his experience with Battlefield 3 for the PC.

Battlefield Loses 2 000 000
Grand Theft Auto V Announced
PlayStation 4 in Development?
Metal Gear Solid HD Due Nov.8
Nightwing DLC
Arkham City sells 2 Million
No More Classic Sonic
Next Box? Offers
Batman Arkham Asylum 66% off!
Amnesia 75% off

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