PSLS - inFamous 2: Festival of Blood Review

It’s time to go back to New Marais, but this time things have gotten a little bit…interesting. Rather than being the next iteration in the smash hit inFamous series, inFamous: Festival of Blood deserves more to be called a spin-off. When vampires rise in the city and Cole is transformed, will anyone survive? Is this mashup of the superhero and the supernatural successful?

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Christopher2488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

Haven't written my review yet, but I'd give it a 7/10. Thought I'd post the below here, though, since it's fresh in my mind.

You can complete the main campaign in 2-3 hours if you do nothing else.

You can gain all but one power up, max your blood pool, find all story glyphs, and complete the campaign in 4-5 hours if you do nothing else.

After the campaign, there is still one power up to get and there are a ton of UGC (User Generated Content) to play, which will easily extend your gameplay by at least two more hours. I've yet to go back and do these. I have 18 more to go to get all the trophies.

As far as the campaign, I found the monsters to be very annoying with their ability to teleport combined with the lack of visual acuity due to it being night (this would have been a lot better if Vampire Sight was a toggable ability that could be used while fighting) and the first bloods having a charge attack that can't be avoided unless you have the opportunity to fly away. There are also certain locations where there is a lack of electrical sources and you can easily die when ganged up on by multiple stake shooting opponents. There is also some issue with having to be closer to power sources than I recall in either of the core games.

The last battle wasn't hard and felt more like you were fighting an onrush of zombies than vampires. Bloody Mary was more annoying than difficult.

Wh15ky2488d ago

Did you play with Move as according to this review it the best use of Move they've seen.

Christopher2488d ago

I did not play with Move. I own Move and might try it out. Honestly, for Move, I'm really waiting on games like Sorcery (where the <bleep> is that game?).

Wh15ky2488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

This review speaks very highly of the Move controls and that's why I've decided to give it a go, downloading right now but at almost 4GBs it's going to take a good few hours.

I'd have to suggest you give it at least a couple of hours with the Move before writing your review though. Others reviewers have not mentioned it much and I'd guess there are alot of people wanting to know how well it controls.

buddymagoo2488d ago


Is there any Infamous 2 spoilers because I have yet to play that and I would like to play this first. What do you recommend? Thanks in advance!

yesmynameissumo2488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

The Move controls in festival of blood are solid as hell. My only warning is the adjustment to the button layout on the Move controller. Moving Cole with the nav was no different than using the DS3. The Move controls have solidified my playthrough of infamous 2 as good...using Move.

Ares902487d ago

I'm using the move and it works very well in my opinion.

Wh15ky2487d ago

Cheers for the input yesmynameissumo and Ares90, looking forward to trying this out, it's only at 55% downloaded though so it'll be another hour or so yet.

Christopher2487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )

@buddymagoo no spoilers in this DLC. It's its own separate storyline item that doesn't reference the main storyline at all.

@wh15ky download took me about half an hour on fios.

@others would love to hear why people disagree with my first post.

Wh15ky2487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )

Just finished a 2 hour stint and it's a very fun game.

I never did finish infamous as I didn't really like the controls and therefore have never picked up infamous 2, but the Move controls here make for a very fluent and accurate experience.

The deadzone and camera control are the best I've seen in a Move enabled game. During the tutorial at the beginning it asked me to point off screen, I thrusted and jerked the Move to each side as quickly as I could and I could'nt get it to lose calibration, the same cannot be said for some Move enabled shooters.

The Move controls are not really new or ground breaking here though. I was wondering if the controls would be something along the lines of hold the Move button to charge your powers, the Move flashes or changes colour to indicate they are charged then you thrust forward to unleash you powers, or something along those lines. It's not like that, which is fine by me as instead they have simply decided to improve (or even perfect) the kind of controls that we have seen in the likes of SOCOM.

I will definately consider picking up Infamous2 once the Move patch is released. I would also very much welcome a future Move patch for UC3 now that it has been proven that third person games can work flawlessly as SOCOM didn't quite managed it, IMO.

Mine took almost 3 hours to download in the end, no fibre optics in this part of the world yet.

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SageHonor2488d ago

I hated how the enemies would keep shooting that sonic thing at me and knock me back. It is really short. I expected it to be a little lengthy. I also wanted a bigger focus on Zeke narrating. Other than that its cool

rdgneoz32487d ago

With that sonic blast ting, do a punch blast at them (which staggers them) and then unload rockets in their face.

raytraceme2487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )

For $10 this game seems to have a lot of bang for bux. I would give this game an 8.5 just because it gives a good 3-5 hours of gameplay especially since I love to just check out the scenery, for 1/6th the cost of a full game.

Vortex3D2488d ago

Reviews I read said it's short. Is the DLC has some kind of side quests or open world where I don't need to go from one "chapter" to the next and the game is over quickly? Also when the DLC story has completed, can I still wonder around?

Redempteur2488d ago

You can still wonder around post-game .

There are already UGC available.. There are several moment in the campaign where you can do "stuff" as you want