Get Your Hands on PS Vita Early with the First Edition Bundle

Hey PlayStation Vita fans! How would you like to get your hands on PS Vita one week before the official release date of February 22nd? After last Tuesday’s announcement of the PS Vita launch date, we are excited to bring more PS Vita news your way with the introduction of the PS Vita First Edition bundle. We’ve decided to give our most loyal fans an opportunity to own a PS Vita before everyone else. For a limited time in the U.S. and Canada, the PS Vita First Edition bundle will be pre-sold at select retail locations, starting today.

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fluffydelusions2334d ago

Cool but wish it was more than a week like um same time as JP :)

fluffydelusions2334d ago

OK, think I will pass on this bundle. This is 3G + Little Deviants game + 4gb card. I'm interested in the WiFi model and also don't want that game. Why not Golden Abyss?

despair2334d ago

I don't think Golden Abyss is a launch game, not 100% sure about that though.

cpayne932334d ago

If they did this with the wifi version I would get it. Oh and @despair it is a launch game.

kcuthbertson2333d ago

Because Golden Abyss will sell a hell of a lot more than Little Deviants will. Why give away a game that will sell amazingly?

At least they're giving a game away.

However like others have said, I don't want the 3G model, so this bundle is not for me.

Give me the same bundle as in Canada and I'm sold.

BrunoM2333d ago

does any one know were u can pre order in canada ?

ABizzel12333d ago


I read as if you got it now, but it's just a week before. This upsets me so.

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despair2334d ago

good deal but not for me, no use of 3g model for me and 4gb card is too small. But still a great deal. 1 week early is nice as well.

brettyd2334d ago

ehhh getting the WiFi only model and a 4gig card is way to small.

colonel1792333d ago

I preordered it. I think is a good value. You get the 3G model and for $50 more a game, a case and a memory stick (since is small could be for saves). For everyone planning to get the 3G model, they should get this.

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