Preview: We Played Mass Effect 3 Mulitplayer… and it was Awesome!

Joel Taveras of got his hands on the Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer and rocked it. Here are his impressions after the bloody battle.

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Ninferno2487d ago

I cant wait for the beta to drop for the multiplayer. It came with Battlefield 3!

Abriael2487d ago

Me too actually. Initially I was very, very wary, but when I heard it was co-op only, bring it on :D

Pintheshadows2487d ago

I now personally want hear more about the campaign. About the RPG elements mainly. I'm worried Bioware has used "oooo look at the shiny co-op" to distract us from other issues. And after DA2 which I didn't mind but it wasn't a patch on Origins I want Bioware to restore my faith. They won't do that with co-op.

superfranky2487d ago

the game is dooooomed
seriously, i dont need Horde co-op in my RPG

Blacktric2487d ago

"Joined: 25 Oct 2011 (2d ago )"

Have fun in your new trolling career.

On topic: Can't wait to play the game. I'm going to devour the singleplayer first and then try co-op.

bozebo2487d ago

generic unreal engine multiplayer

TreMillz2487d ago

Superb Mass Effect 3 Engine Multiplayer* Fixed

TheBlackMask2487d ago

Oh for god sake face's just been thrown in there for more money. Just because it's Mass Effect dosen't you mean you have to think of it as aswesome, it's like clouding your judgment because how how well the ME franchise has done.

Think of all the money they spent on another studio to create the multiplayer when they could of spent it on themselfs to create a bigger single player story instead of letting all the things they would like to do become DLC. Co-op is something which should of been DLC from the start

We've heard hardly nothing about the single know the main focus of the ME franchise, the one where they said they would bring back RPG elements but from all the things we've seen and heard so far it's just become more action packed from ME2. I mean they havent even give us an option at what gun type we want to use, some people liked the cool down feature you know.

Mass Effect 3 will be good but it won't be a ME game like the first one we all fell in love with.

Sites are now just going to say it amazing because it's ME yet 6 months after it comes out and the hype dies down people will admit it wasn't that good and was pointless.

HardCover2487d ago

Being on the other extreme side of the spectrum is no better, man.

Starting off by actually reading the article and making points about the ACTUAL real-world game instead of discussing philosophical ideas about "wasting resources" would help.

JoelT2487d ago

That's the most important thing really. People read a headline that they don't agree with then instantly want to abuse it.

Bubbles for you!

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32487d ago

"t's just been thrown in there for more money"

Are you trying to tell me we have to pay for multiplayer separately?

Bigpappy2487d ago

I realize that not everyone has or need friends or relatives who also play games. For those of you that fit in to that demodraphic, I hope the single player is much better than the first 2 combined.

Now there are other people out there, like me, who wanted co-op from the fisrt game. I always felt during the fight missions, that it would be great if I could have friends control my teamates, in those fight rather than having the AI do it.

I am fine with either as long as I enjoy the heck out of the game.

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