Metal Gear Solid reveal next month?

Subscriber issues of PlayStation The Official Magazine UK are coming through today, armed with one sneaky hint about next month’s mag.

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zerocrossing2428d ago

Well it's about freakin time! O_o

There hasn't been a word about MGSR for months now.

BaneWilliams2428d ago

I know the feeling! I even picked up ACID and ACID 2 because I was having new MGS game withdrawals.

Batman seems to do well as a psuedo MGS experience also.

HardCover2428d ago

Batman? Ehhh

More like Deus Ex...

zerocrossing2428d ago

It's the controversy surrounding this title that has me so on edge, MGSR has great potential as a action Ninja/Stealth game (Ninja Gaiden meets MGS if you like) and the new free cutting system can add so many possibilities when fighting enemies or bosses.

I just hope this game is even half as good as I think it could be =)

DaTruth2428d ago

This is what happens when you put the B-team on the job!

DaTruth2428d ago (Edited 2428d ago )

I could see how that could sound like a troll, but I'm a big MGS fan!

Metal Gear Solid was the second game I bought for PSOne! That's the second videogame I bought in the ten years prior!

Pintheshadows2428d ago

Finally some new information.

ZombieAssassin2428d ago

Please let it be they are ahead on development and it'll be coming out in the first half of next can dream right?

ninjaman9992428d ago

Dude, AC!D 1 and 2 were AMAIZNG games IMO. Fun, MGS, and tactical. Not to mention deeper then alot of portable titles :D

Convas2428d ago

I hope so! It's been FAR too long since we got solid information on the title.

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