Uncharted Speed Run And Why Devs Should Stop Telling Us

Pixels or Death looks at the reveal of Uncharted and Skyrim speed runs and why they might not be beneficial to the game's sales.

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iamnsuperman2279d ago

I think though it is more to do with it will come out anyway and its best to say that a tester who knows the game inside out manage to speed complete the game in X hours that a random news story saying we beat the game in X hours without fully explaining how they did it.

evrfighter2279d ago

Still it's bad press. People will find any excuse to moan and complain. It serves no real purpose and devs have nothing to gain out of telling us.

It's like sports athletes and twitter. it does nothing for them and espn will bash athletes all day long if they say anything they don't like. It only hurts them to use twitter

jimmywolf2279d ago

knowing the game inside out or not is never a good sign when it take less the half a day too rush it your trying hype game up saying it worth 60+ more if you buy CE just hear some one guy rush beat it less then 4 hours wow sound worth every Penney

bub162279d ago

"These are game testers, far familiar with the games many puzzles, committing them practically to memory and playing on the easiest setting"

You don't do a speed run without knowing what to do or where to go.

kcuthbertson2279d ago

Speed runs include knowing exactly where to go, knowing where enemies will spawn, knowing how to solve any and all puzzles in the shortest amount of time, and skipping all cutscenes.

There's no need for anyone to worry. Uncharted 3 will take a lot longer than three hours to complete and Skyrim will take a lot longer than two hours to complete..

LoLZoRz2279d ago

i'm pretty sure U2 also can be beaten in 2-3 hours on the easiest setting.

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