Missing Catwoman Code In PS3 Version Of Arkham City? WB Games Says You’re Out Of Luck

Critical Hit: "A recent post to the Batman: Arkham City Technical Issues Forum reveals the reason owners of the PS3 version of Batman: Arkham City whose copies were missing a code have been waiting over a week without receiving a replacement. In a refreshingly honest response from WB Games customer support to one customer, they stated:

"'I am afraid we are unable to replace the Catwoman code on PS3. It is likely this will change shortly but as it is not ‘right now’ we cannot opt for it at this time.'"


Not long after this article was posted, I received my own PS3 Catwoman code from WB Games support (after a week-long wait). The question now is: does this mean PS3 codes are finally going out, or that the inability to replace PS3 codes is a UK-specific issue?

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Yi-Long2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

... wow(!)

WB/Rockstead continues to disappoint in the whole DLC/Online Pass drama concerning Arkham City.

Next time you consider buying a WB game, remember this.

-Mika-2489d ago

It not greed. Probably the guy is lying. If WB just said here we email you a code. What would stop other people who bought the game to make up that same lie to try to get a free code.

Yi-Long2489d ago

... so in those cases, WB should provide customor-support by making sure those who bought the game will get what they paid for.

Will some abuse this by borrowing a receipt from a friend? Sure. Still, it's a fact that WB screwed up in the first place by implementing the Online Pass, and then screwed up AGAIN by not having every copy having the code inside. yeah, it was their own greed that caused this.

digitaleraser2489d ago

Thing is, all you have to do is go to Gamestop and buy it used, and you get the code printed right on your receipt. I wish I'd bought mine used rather than having had to deal with all this hassle and hoop-jumping

Soldierone2489d ago

And who's fault is it? WB's not the people buying it. So why should the people that purchased the game be punished because some kid down the street "borrowed" a receipt and tried to get the "DLC" free? He shouldn't be. WB made a mistake, its THEIR fault, they are the ones that should be punished.

He bought the game, give him the content, end of story. This whole locked out of the "DLC" is stupid to begin with and we wouldn't have this issue if they(publishers) were not greedy and found alternate ways to making money back from used games. I love WB and I think Batman is awesome, but this whole DLC thing is dumb

Infernostew2489d ago

Game looks great but I'll hold off until they bundle the DLC in a goty edition.

Yi-Long2489d ago

...and it's what I always do when a developer/publisher are DLC-milking their game.

However, I got it as an early birthdaygift, so still happy with it.

Not sure how I'll deal with the DLC, probably won't be buying it unless it some day goes on sale or something, and even then it depends on how much DLC there is. Might be better off just selling this copy and then buying a GOTY-version.

gamingdroid2489d ago

Although it sucks for those affected, but this underscores the importance of "it doesn't affect me attitude" towards Online Passes and other schemes of "we need to support the developer".

As billion dollar companies, they don't need your support. Besides, didn't we all learn anything from DRM on PC?!

nycredude2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

If you think this is all a scheme then just stop playing games. Go to toys r us and buy scrabble or monopoly.

I love to game and will pay the cost of a product that will give me enjoyment. It is the way of the world and is what capitalism is about. They have something I want. I have money they want. We trade and everyone is happy.

We/you aren't forced to buy anything. So I don't see where this is a "scheme". However coming on n4g and constantly seeing cheap/spoiled gamers this gen complaining about everything is getting old.

gamingdroid2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

Well, good for you!

We all aren't rich and don't spend money frivolously. I buy brand new games, but I ain't supporting companies limiting my freedom in the name of "support" where there are none needed.

I like capitalism, so you are free to subscribe to their "scheme" of limiting your ability to use the game you bought, but I ain't!

That is why I don't mind paying for MW3, despite the fact that it is an annual release, because Activision ain't limiting how I can use the game. They say, this is the price for the product, this is the price for DLC, buy it if you want too. Not one of those buy it, unwrap it at home WITHOUT ability to return and then discover, [email protected] there is online pass or missing single player portions.

Gee, wish my brother had access to Catwoman? How much is that going to cost again?

SageHonor2489d ago

Smart.. I shouldve waited to buy this lol. All this DLC crap.

antz11042489d ago

Because its such a poor game w/out the DLC, right? /s

Blaze9292489d ago

lmao that's a pretty low blow. inb4 the lawsuits

MrBeatdown2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

Kind of a misleading headline.

"Out of luck"?

"I am afraid we are unable to replace the Catwoman code on PS3. IT IS LIKELY THIS WILL CHANGE SHORTLY but as it is not ‘right now’ we cannot opt for it at this time."

Sounds more like they have every intention of fixing it, and will eventually be able to, but something is preventing them from doing so right away. Probably a lack of available replacement codes from Sony.

MrBeatdown2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

It seems the disagree fairies have come out to play.

It's amazing how right in the article, it clearly says they are replacing 360 codes, and will likely have a solution for PS3 shortly, and the author even got his PS3 code, yet "out of luck" isn't misleading to some people.

Reading comprehension and critical thinking skills FTW.

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