Will Miyazaki's legacy be strengthened by Ni no Kuni or will it be tarnished?

Hayao Miyazaki is an animator beloved by many for the rich stories and worlds that he brings to life. While video games offer seemingly unlimited potential they are in fact bound by the constraints of the systems they are on. Could this be something that holds back Miyazaki's vision or will he excel at creating a world more alive than in any of his films.

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NukaCola2402d ago

I have so much respect for Miyazaki and I hihgly doubt the two master companies called Studio Ghibli and Level 5 will produce anything less than perfection. This game is going to reignite the lost faith in the JRPG for the west. And regardless if people know his name, the gamers will still enjoy this game. And that is more important than fame. A saving grace in the JRPG.

rabidpancakeburglar2402d ago

Strange that you got a disagree. I agree, a game with Studio Ghibli involved can't be anything but great.

Canary2401d ago

I would agree with you, if not for the fact that joint-ventures have a bad habit of turning sour, no matter how skilled or talented everyone involved may be.

Really now, remember how everyone thought the Square-Enix merger was going to be the best thing ever? Yeah.

Jappy-k72401d ago

Miyazaki-san is in no way involved with this game