Fangwheel: Batman: Arkham City Review (Xbox 360)

Booth from Fangwheel writes:
"Sometimes you just got to break outside the box. Get a fresh perspective on your hobbies and take a deep relaxing breath as you go out and purchase a game from a series you’ve never played in your entire life. That was the case last Tuesday, and I’ll be honest, I never expect much from movie or superhero based games. Either it gets hyped out of proportion or gets developed on a generic scale, removing character depth and the overall fun factor. It’s happened in previous titles of all superheroes, so what’s to stop this one from going awry? Well, with Rocksteady Studios at the helm, I’d say we’ve got a good chance that Batman: Arkham City is going to be one worth keeping. Let’s jump in and see for ourselves if ‘Bats’ will soar, or fall to his demise."

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