Does Playing Battlefield 3 On a PC Make You Twice as Accurate (Or Is It Just Me?)

Brian Crecente: Battlefield 3 is an amazing, bar-setting online shooter. It's also one of the first games of its kind that has had me ping-ponging back and forth between computer and console to play.

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Jacobite2454d ago

Is this not because keyboard & mouse are digital and joypads analog

ATi_Elite2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

Kb/m make you way more accurate and the gameplay is faster cause of the speed kills theory of high accuracy.

I'm using a 1600Dpi laser mouse for ultra accuracy, response time, and speed.

HardCover2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

I think it lies in the body.

What do you have more precision with? Your thumb on a restricted stick, or your entire arm+hand combo on a flat surface?

Tachyon_Nova2454d ago

I doubt any non disabled gamer would have better accuracy with a gamepad than a mouse, the mouse is simply vastly more accurate.

From instance from the BF3 Beta which I played on PS3 and PC, my accuracy in the former was about 13.5% and on the later about 19-20%.

radphil2454d ago

As far as the tech involved, having a ball point on a stick vs laser, the laser is more accurate in that aspect.

However what you say does have a bit of truth to it, cause some people just can't handle the KB&M set-up.

pucpop2454d ago

I don't like kb+m. I choose a 360 pad connected to my pc which is connected to my telly. Sorted. I hate to stereotype but guys who prefer kb+m are usually complete dorks.

Jacobite2453d ago

How are they dorks ? I prefer K&M and PC for fps but I can use joppads, but it just feels that I have to left thumbs and just frustrates, in the other hand I enjoy the joypad for Racing games and platformers on the PS3/360. By the way because I prefer K&M Im a dork what does that make you then a joypad dork lol : P