'SimCity Societies is simply a horrible title' - YouGamers' Review

SimCity Societies is simply a horrible title. As a city building simulation it utterly destroys the fine lineage of SimCity games while unnecessarily reinventing the whole concept to be more like The Sims. In fact, the box should say "Sim Societies" - that would describe the contents far better, and who knows, players of The Sims might like the idea better; at least the UI and "gameplay" seems to be tailored towards them.

It's hard to believe that anyone could make a city building simulation that ends up having a too poor frame rate, but SimCity Societies manages to pull off this questionable trick.

It's really hard to recommend SimCity Societies to anyone. Casual gamers won't have the necessary hardware, SimCity fanatics are already planning to burn EA at the stake for the heresy of calling this mess "SimCity", and the more hardcore gamers will drop the title in a hot second, as there is hardly anything you could call a "game" here.

Score: 51/100

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duarteq3889d ago

This game don't deserve the title that it holds. this ss no sim city, it's the sh!t city. One of the worst games ever made.