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NowGamer: "EA’s own campaign of shock and awe, featuring our good friends hype and hyperbole, appeared to shoot itself in the foot in recent months. From a thundering giant of a marketing campaign in which the publisher barely set a foot wrong, it suddenly… well, it went a bit wrong..."

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skyward2458d ago

BF3 console seems to have slightly better scores overall on PS3, assuming it has nothing to do with campaign?

Feckles2458d ago

Wasn't PS3 the lead platform for console?

Sizzon2458d ago

The PS3 version is a mess atm, freezing, kicked out from servers etc...

xPhearR3dx2458d ago

Same on 360 minus the freezing part. Server kicks, can't join server, squad issues etc. Same problems that existed in all Battlefields. Why they can't just fix the shit is beyond me.

tepkisiz2458d ago

Why give 8/10 for X360 version and 9.1/10 for PS3 version? Doesnt make sense at all :/

Clayman2458d ago

For some reason it wasn't the same reviewer for the 360 version.

mrmancs2458d ago

multiplayer with single player bolted on? makes a change i guess , bit cheeky charging full price if thats the case...