Epic Games wants next-gen consoles with same level of freedom as Steam

XMNR: Now that the Gears of War trilogy is over and the current generation of consoles is in its final years, Epic Games President Mike Capps talked a little bit about the future of Unreal Engine and what the company would like to see with the next generation of consoles in an interview released on Wednesday.

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_Aarix_2454d ago

Yea, cause it worked real well for Sony /s

Saryk2455d ago

No. Next Gen consoles.Epic wants to sell their games on something isn't just Microsoft and Sony's application.

Saryk2455d ago

I can't edit so, I will make a new post. Epic want to control what they sell. Right now Microsoft and Sony dictate the prices. Think about when Valve made new content for L4D and the guys at Xbox and PS3 had to pay while us PC guys had it free. steam has opened alot of developers eyes to profits not available before. Microsoft and Sony are not the only companies that need to watch the bottom line and bend over to investors.

PirateThom2455d ago

Well, PS3 didn't even get L4D, so I don't know how they got content for it.

No, fact is, Sony and Microsoft take a standard fee, the same way Steam does, but pricing is, ultimately, up to the developer/publisher and they use the big, bad consoles as an excuse to charge.

Saryk2455d ago

@kcuthbertson I can't hit reply or edit, so that post was to bozebo. At work and for some odd reason this site is screwed up.


Steam has competition, even more now since Origin. Microsoft and Sony do not in digital distribution.

And if you were right our PC games would be the same price as your console games. I can buy NBA 2k 12 for $29.99.......

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