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New Game Network: "It’s understandable why high definition remakes often evoke a degree of wariness in certain gaming circles. In an era of one-use-only online passes, overpriced DLC and premium content subscription services, it’s certainly not uncommon to feel a little short changed. HD remakes are a rapidly growing trend, more often than not reeling us in with the fat juicy worm of nostalgia as bait on the end of the hook. At their worst they’re half-hearted attempts to cash in our fond memories, barley bothering to apply a lick of paint to an old and creaking chassis. However, at their best they can serve as a reminder of what video games are capable of; what made them revered classics - and perhaps most importantly - what developers and players alike can learn from them in the current generation. Thankfully the Team Ico Collection is a shining example of the latter. "

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