Thumb-Culture: Let's Talk Dialogue - Mass Effect vs Deus Ex

Thumb-Culture opinion piece comparing the dialogue systems between Mass Effect and Deus Ex.

Excerpt: "Each character you deal with has different personality traits, and the labels of the dialogue options are the likes of “Emphasise”, “Inspire”, “Crush”, “Absolve”. There’s no good or bad here, you’ve got to consider the person you’re dealing with, not your avatar’s simplistic moral compass. There’s a flow to the conversations, a back-and-forth – it feels natural. You certainly can’t power-through with one style and expect success."

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zeal0us2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

I think both titles have great dialogue and its moments

BrightFalls762455d ago

Maybe it's because Mass Effect has become hands down the series that made this generation for me but I found Deus Ex dialogue options and branching to be clunky and unpolished.