The Other Side of the Screen: In Defense of the Developers

Alexa Ray Corriea of Dualshockers defends how hard game developers work to listen to gamers' demands -- and how gamers can seem too selfish to listen.

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sinncross2486d ago

I dont know how I feel about this. Sure, developers work hard but some of they make such stupid decisions that you cant help but slap your face.

Take SE... Versus 13 was only put into full production a couple months ago, about 5 years after it was announced.It does not take a genius to realise that what looks like an awesome title has been kept on the back burner for way too long while SE twiddles their thumbs on how to Westernise a francnhise which did not need it.

Also I disagree with the painting for a friend analogy... game developers are not my friends. They are company who I have to pay to enjoy their products. If their products are not good I kind of have a right to be a little miffed since it was my money being spent.

Abriael2486d ago

Versus 13 was only put into full production a couple months ago, because before then they didn't have the *engine* ready to produce it. It hasn't been "kept on the back burner".

What can seem "stupid" for you, more often than not simply has perfectly sensical reasons you simply don't know.

JoelT2486d ago

I agree with the writer here and it doesn't just apply to games really it's every medium. As a culture of consumers, I think we demand too much.

TransientDreamer2486d ago

This article pretty much highlights one of the more frustrating aspects of gaming: the people. Tons of gamers are great, don't get me wrong, I'm talking about the "the other guys." Somewhere down the line we became the most fickle, stubborn people on the planet. This article should be required reading with the purchase of any video game system.