'Forza 4' November Speed Pack DLC gets screenshots and a trailer

XMNR: The first DLC pack of cars for Forza Motorsport 4 is due on November 1 and Microsoft released information on Thursday about all ten cars that included along with a trailer and screenshots.

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wazzim2373d ago

Cool cars, I have the season pass so day one for me!

monkeyfox2373d ago

DLC so close to release date - could've gone in the game maybe? Held back just to make money ya think? Love game tho..

StanLee2373d ago

That's the same thing I just said in another article. It's ridiculous. There are so many cars you could enjoy the game without the DLC but in every car pack there's going to be that 1 car you really want to drive or own and that's what tips you hand. How about giving us a few months to digest and get bored with the content the game launched with or how about just giving us all the content and letting us enjoy the damn game!

2373d ago
outwar60102373d ago ShowReplies(3)
BlmThug2373d ago

I want all the cars in that pack