Captain Sega’s Top 5 SEGA AM2 Arcade Titles -StickTwiddlers

Phil from StickTwiddlers writes "Back in the day, AM2 produced some of the best arcade titles which have still yet to see a port to consoles. I think with digital distribution services like the XBLA and PSN, this is the right time for SEGA to consider porting certain titles to these services. So without further ado, and in celebration of Daytona USA's release, here are Captain Sega's top 5 AM2 developed arcade titles."

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AG-Mike2457d ago

To get technical. Virtua Fighter was the first fighting game to be full 3D polygons in '93, but Virtua Racing was the first arcade game game to be full 3D polygons as it came out in '92.

Perjoss2457d ago

the am2 logo was cool, they should have had an image of it somewhere on that page.