Pirates of New Horizons Fundraiser: Pay What You Want for Planet Buster

DIYGamer: So this is interesting. Exit Strategy Studios has released a smaller PC/Mac puzzle game set in the universe of their upcoming space pirate Pirates of New Horizons. It’s called Planet Buster, it’s an unconventional match-3, and it’s pay what you want. Though there’s more to it than that.

PoNH: Planet Buster’s release is all in effort to fund the 3D platformer of the same name that originally wooed myself, and the rest of the DIY staff over a year ago. 100% of what’s earned from sales will go right into PoNH’s development. Leave it to indie gaming minds. Where creativity is the norm, especially when it comes to finding innovative methods to fund your game.

So, what makes Planet Buster different from other match-3 types? Plenty, the developer explains..."

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