play reviews Crysis: "It's beautiful, clever, fun loving"

Paul Newcombe of play writes:

"It may be a symptom that I spend too much time playing games, but I recently hit upon the theory that the things we look for in games are similar to the things we look for in a partner. So, having spent hours in the bosom of the latest gaming supermodel I found myself wondering, If Crysis were a woman, what kind of woman would it be? She'd certainly be easy on the eye and since all relationships need that initial spark of attraction, things are off to a good start. In fact those with a rig capable of playing it at anything close to full detail will probably fall in love with Crysis at first sight based on looks alone. The real question, once you look deeper, is does Crysis have more than just a pretty face? Is there enough substance behind the style to make you want a serious relationship rather than a brief fling?"

"So, back to the original question, Crysis turns out to be a pretty perfect woman. It's beautiful, clever, fun loving, doesn't mind what you get up to and does its very best to keep you happy (it even has the option to turn the volume down). In fact if I wasn't already spoken for I may be getting ready to introduce it to my parents."

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