New Details Surface About the Mouse and Keyboard for PS3

GR - "As we announced a couple of weeks back, HORI has teamed up with Sony Computer Entertainment to create the "Tactical Assault Comamnder 3," a mouse and keyboard peripheral for the PlayStation 3."

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Larry L2313d ago

What are they saying "new details"? I've seen this product already for sale for a couple/few weeks now at Best Buy in the PS3 section. It's $99. It's pretty nice, but personally I can't stand keyboard controls. I understand the advantage of the mouse over a right stick just for precision. But for every other aspect of control I prefer a controller. I'd take a left analog stick over WASD any day. WHich is why the FragFX is still the best console peripheral if you're a gamer that wants mouse support on PS3.

GoldenPheasant2313d ago

teamed up? I was under the impression that Hori was just making a product LICENSED!!!! by sony (hence the ps button on the peripheral)...ohhhh why do I even bother. I'll just wait till Nov 2 and see myself I guess.

Panzerkanzler2313d ago

For half the price I might possibly be somewhat interested.

zero_gamer2313d ago (Edited 2313d ago )

So it's only a fraction of the full PC keyboard layout that costs a fortune? No thanks.