AMD considers buying Ageia

Now that communications between AMD and Havok have broken down, AMD has admitted that it's considering buying Ageia, if the price is right. AMD's head of developer relations, Richard Huddy, told Custom PC that 'we've had that discussion, yes. It's a discussion that goes round every three months – someone turns to me and says 'why don't we buy Ageia?' and I go through the arguments about why we should and why we shouldn't.'

Despite, Ageia's disappointing games-support for its PhysX chip, the company's PhysX software is free, and has accordingly been used widely, even if the PhysX hardware itself isn't supported. As such, buying Ageia could give AMD a chance to continue to compete in the gaming physics arena now that Intel has bought Havok.

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Antan3894d ago

I think they should consider trying to regain their crown from Intel and Nvidia.

WilliamRLBaker3893d ago

yes because the leader doesn't change obligatorially every 18 months that trend has been the same since...the first days nvidia wins then ati then nvidia...and so on and so forth.

Bonsai12143894d ago

yes, because buying ATI helped them out so much too.

WilliamRLBaker3893d ago

yes because AMD has lost so much market share to intel *rolls eyes* up until one chip set AMD beat the crap out of intel every other day so your gonna say they will never gain that back? really?

As for that havok is better then PhysX unless AMD gets them and impliments their physxchip onto the cpu it self.

Bonsai12143893d ago

i agree that intel's duo core was the first chipset that truly outpaced AMD, (because i used to love amd's stuff, especially their early fx series) but the duo cores are now being used in so many different computers, which is something amd never had. and ati hasn't put out a good chip since the 1xxx series and hasn't had a market leading chip since the 9800. you can't argue that. pc enthusiasts will tell you nothing different.

PS3PCFTW3893d ago


3 companies that offer absolutely nothing to pc gaming.

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