Darkspore Has Been Unplayable For 9 Days and Counting

If there was ever a case study for the detrimental effects of online-only DRM, this has to be it. Based on this eleven-page locked thread on the official Darkspore forums, every single copy of EA and Maxis' sci-fi action RPG has been unplayable since October 18th due to "technical difficulties".

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Quagmire2484d ago

I'll be honest.

I didnt even know this game came out.

steve30x2483d ago

I wanted to buy darkspore but the always online DRM put me off.

JsonHenry2483d ago

This game was only fun for a minute anyway. The game had no depth whatsoever. The same maps over and over and over were really lame as well. The only good part was the monster customization. The gameplay itself was not that good.

Sucks about the DRM though. I know that Ubisoft's Uplay thing has been having trouble lately as well.

PsycheMax2483d ago

Problem is that NO BIG VIDEOGAMES WEBSITE is talking about this! :O

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