Rayman Origins Demo Heading To Xbox and PS3

A demo for for Ubisoft limbless hero's return, Rayman Origins, is to be made available on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network in the coming weeks.

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morkendo232372d ago

WA-HOOOOO!! finally sidescrolling, platforming games begining to show-up.

colonel1792372d ago

I'm going to buy this game for Vita. It's the know of game to play on the go. Although, the visuals on the consoles should look great.

ironfist922372d ago

Didnt know this was coming out for Vita, but its a perfect handheld title.

I dont know why it was Ubisofts decision to make this retail, looks like a PSN title to me.

colonel1792372d ago

Yes it is coming to Vita, that's why I have it in my radar. I hope is a bigger game that what would be if it was a PSN title. Hopefully longer and more epic.

BTW, i meant to type: Is the kind of game..

Magnus2372d ago

I'll give this a shot haven't played Rayman for years I wish they would rerelease Busby onto PSN, or XBL I played Busby alot on my Snes