Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Hands-On Preview: Saving The Galaxy One Horde At A Time []

Dealspwn writes: "Like it or not, multiplayer is headed to the Mass Effect franchise in a big way. Mass Effect 3 will ship with a host of horde-style arenas that allow players to cooperate and collaborate away from the Shephard's heroic final campaign against the extragalactic menace. Eager to learn about what this exciting and controversial feature will offer, I sat down with a team of fellow hacks and got stuck in."

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xX-StolenSoul-Xx2484d ago

I really don't know why some people are complaning about the multiplayer... Who complains if we're given more than we need?
As long as this does not ruin the single player I don't see why-not.

Tanir2484d ago

because, time spent on the MP means less time spent on the SP. less content or w/e. thats why. MP isnt free to make, and it doesnt get made in 1 second. assets need to be put into it, when they could put those people to work on the SP.

pretty simple actually.

Dno2484d ago

Simple but stupid. All of biowares single player games are awesome and you have no reason to think otherwise into you play it.

Uncharted 1 was single player.
Then uncharted 2 was made with MP and ifs safe to say uncharted 2 BLEW Uncharted 1 single player out of the water.

SageHonor2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

Not neccessarily. Uncharted 2, Dead Space 2, AC Brotherhood, Red Dead Redemption, and gears 3 all had a lengthy or good single player that did not suffer from the addition of multiplayer.

Also Bioware has an entire different team working on multiplayer. So "less time spent on SP" is innaccurate."

Tanir2484d ago

lol guys, i completely agree with the both of you. Im just saying, if they wanted that extra time could make the SP Even more spectacular,

i never said it makes the SP suk lol.

but especially in an rpg like mass effect, content is a must.

Uncharted, DS2, and gears are all under 8 hours in the first place so its easier to make the SP perfect. but mass effect is an rpg......gah, eitherway who cares, i just hate when a MP mode gets put in that no one plays cuz it sux.

Aka Deadspace, Bioshock etc

grifter0242484d ago

Dno- The UC2 multi was fun because it's casual as hell anyone can pick up the controller and kill people, because there was no depth to the multiplayer.

Sage- There is the other side of the coin. Tacked on multiplayer. Dead Space , AC , RDR have gimmicky multiplayers that have almost already bled out of their community. I have a hard time finding anyone playing multiplayer in DeadSpace 2 and dont even get me started about RDR. Plus look what happened when a "Different," Team took over a project IE: DA2.

This is the problem Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer is both a gimmick as well as pointless. There is only one reason why this is implemented and he says it in the article.

"it will grant us priceless peace of mind; knowing that it's impossible to screw up the galaxy beyond eventual repair."

It's for casuals who wont finish ME3 but wont cry if they get a bad ending beacause they just have to do 10 minutes in Horde to get a good ending.

TheOtherTheoG2484d ago

Not in this case, in fact. Bioware have a separate team working on multiplayer, Montreal, whilst the main team, Edmonton, carry on making the SP. The single player would be exactly the same regardless of whether multiplayer is in the game or not.

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Abriael2484d ago

oooh do I spot an embargo breaker there :D