Japan Does It Again: Pervy Preorder

GIR's Mario writes: Most game releases usually try to sell a special edition of the game, or a strategy guide or some other miscellaneous item. This 3DS game gives you the chance to pre-order a pillow. But this is no ordinary pillow, oh no, this cushion features an image of a largely breasted anime character. In addition to this, the pillow features two pouches right below the character’s chest, where inflatable balloons are placed. These are supposed to simulate the shape and feel of, well, boobs.

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aaah japan, you sick sick place...

-Mika-2488d ago

I think that why they should ban anime. It the root of the problem.

chanmasta2486d ago

I was looking for mouse pads on eBay the other day, and found literally HUNDREDS of mouse pads from Japan that had anime girls with huge fucking knockers for the gel part of the pad.