Little laughter over new Spanish war video game

A new video game that invites players to rewrite the course of Spain's devastating civil war has touched a nerve in a country that is often reluctant to revisit its past, let alone play with it.

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Batusai3923d ago (Edited 3923d ago )

I'm from Spain and this information isn't true. The media sensational no comment anything about it, because the game is very faithful to history. And because in last twenty years we kill a lot of germans in Second World War's games, why not in the Spanish Civil War?

potenquatro3923d ago

this is bu!! $hit. the spanish civil war wasn't just a terrible thing for spanish people, but for europe as a whole, nobody in spain is trying to bury this part of their history because the world won't let them. we kill germans all the time in other video games, and they really can't say $hit because the world is not going to act like it never happened. more than 5 difrent countries participated in this war, and it was the first theater of ww2. spanish people are not going to be angry if they relese this game, but they will be VERY angry if it sucks. just like the Call of Duty was a great game and representation of what it was like, this game should do the same, this war and its atrocities deserve no less.