Even Paris Games Week Can't Call A Winner Between Battlefield 3 And Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

PushSquare: "Forget every big boxing bout of the past 50 years. The head-to-head between Battlefield 3 and Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 this Christmas is the only one that matters. And the competition is so fierce that not even the Paris Games Week can pick a winner."

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Quagmire2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

Both games suck. Either buy them or dont, and stfu.

StraightPath2403d ago

I am renting BF3. It is on the way , but i am thinking no online pass. FU!!!! Does anyone know if online passes can be game shared?

Hufandpuf2403d ago

Without multiplayer your not playing the best part of the game. SP is good but its way too short.

cpayne932403d ago

Do you like any games at all? The only opinion you ever seem to have on a game is that it sucks.

Saryk2403d ago

Jan 1st is when the true winner should be declared.

JsonHenry2403d ago

MW3 does death match in a way that more people seem to enjoy. But if you like objective based gaming the average person seems to like the way BF3 does it.

For me I will probably enjoy both games for different reasons. BF3 because I have it on the PC and all its beautiful glory as well as the great destructible environment gameplay.

MW3 because everyone I know on the xbox will playing it. And even though CoD series is not my favorite it is still fun especially when playing with family/friends I only get to see on holidays.

GraveLord2403d ago

I play COD and I think deathmatch is boring. I mostly play Capture the Flag(an objective based mode). COD does it better. I played the BF3 beta dude. Its horrible.

JsonHenry2403d ago

I've played the finished product. And I happen to think it is the best objective based war game out to date. (with Red Orchestra 2 coming in a close 2nd)

But, lucky for us with differing opinions- we can purchase one, both, or neither so in the end we all win.