New Xbox Live dashboard coming next week - report

OXM UK: "Microsoft's new Xbox Live dashboard will ship next week, according to tech reporters, who have also published a video showing off the revamped interface's Windows Phone integration and Kinect features."

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chickens2490d ago

has the beta even came out yet?

Main_Street_Saint2490d ago

I think it did... for about a day.

bodybombs2490d ago

not out yet. everybody who is in it has been patiently waiting in the private forums specualting on when it starts

Main_Street_Saint2490d ago

@bodybombs, Hmmm okay... I am a big enough man to know when I am mistaken.

Although I thought I read that the beta was going to rolled out during october?

bodybombs2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

its cool man. i was just saying that it isnt out yet. they had the registration open for less than a day about 2 weeks ago, then they opened the forums about 3 days ago. ive been checking the microsoft connect site daily for updates on when it starts. so far no word yet

2490d ago
PetitPiPi2490d ago

I love the look of the new "dash". Really looking forward to this update. I hope there is no hint of lag whatsoever.

edhe2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

Whilst i agree with you the reality is that a lot of the dash gets streamed from Live itself so you'd need to have a very quick line to the 'net to reduce that.

[disconnect from live and see how fast it gets.. :)]

PetitPiPi2490d ago

I have a 15MB connection and the dash still lags. Me thinks the 360 is lacking memory.

tickticktick2490d ago

@PetitPiPi at least it has enough ram to run a chat function.

mcstorm2490d ago

I think they mean the Beta will be here next week but I cant wait for the new dash the Metro UI is amazing. I picked up a HTC Titan 3 weeks ago now and it has been by far the best phone ive ever had and im really liking what MS are doing in brining the Windows Phone xbox and Windows 8 UI together and linking them altogether too. MS have stopped being a copy cat company and started to stand on there own two feet again and from what im seeing the results are going to be amazing. I hope im able to control the zune pass music and videos on my home server from my phone app too.

edhe2490d ago

I completely agree with your sentiment. Win7 was a massive improvement, and winpho7 looks great. But i'm a fan of the google more than the ms and so i'm more intrigued by the hardware and functionality of android.

But man those tiles look nice.

As for win8 and the metro look - it certainly works and i'm glad that they're moving to a UI that supports more natural interaction. It's fantastic that MS have stopped being burdened by the Enterprise nature and have opened up over the last few years to genuine innovation outside the business realm.

mcstorm2490d ago

I was a fan of google but android phones just redetermined me of the my old windows mobiles with fragmentation and slowdowns. That is why I went over to WP7 and I can say it is by far the best phone OS out there at the moment. Ok my Titan only has a 1.5ghz processor and 512mb of ram but that is the point of WP7 it was made to run on single core and its very fast and stable.

I have a Xoom and out of the tablets it is by far the best on the market but I think once Windows 8 is out I will ditch my Xoom for a windows 8 tablet as it will be a fully working OS in a tablet designed for a tablet.

But I do agree with you Now MS have stepped back and said we need to change things I think its worked wonders for them and it also gives us as customers a choice now of 3 amazing phone OS's rather than just 2.

Animal Mutha 762490d ago

I suspect that it is the public beta next week. There was a private beta some time ago but I am on the list for the public and we got told this week to prepare for further instructions.

Looking forward to making a bit more use of the kinect voice commands.

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