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Festival of Blood is a pretty fun game. Sure the campaign is short, but if you have never played an InFamous title before then this will give you an idea (albeit a twisted one) of what to expect from the series. There is also enough extra content that if you do wish to drag out the campaign you can. Even better, once you complete the campaign the game turns back time, allowing you to head back in and get all the trophies. What more do you want?

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vickers5002483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

It was worth the 8 bucks I spent on it. It was short though (beat it in two days, spending maybe 6-7 hours on the whole thing, getting 100% trophy completion, but if you don't go for that, you will get a drastically shorter play time).

There's only a few new things in the DLC, but for the price that it's at, it's definitely worth it. They have added move support to the dlc (though they haven't added it to inFamous 2 yet, I hope they do) and it's surprisingly decent.

The only new abilities you will be seeing are the ability to fly (which is actually pretty badass and makes getting around SO much easier and more fun), and the ability to bite people to drink their blood (blood being the fuel for that fly ability). You can stab certain enemies with your new melee weapon cross, but you wont really care much about that.

One of the coolest new additions is the festival itself. The streets are packed with people and festivities, and the festival is very detailed, and quite entertaining to view for the first time, with a bunch of nice lights and colors. New Marais feels like a different place, which is a good thing.

If you're a fan of inFamous at all, then buy it, you ***wont*** be disappointed.

edit: Lol, sorry, I'm kind of tired.

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