Wii Breaks Another Sales Record

Gameplayer received a press release this morning from Nintendo that proudly announced another sales milestone and record for the Nintendo Wii.

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IntelligentAj3838d ago

Yeah that's great for Nintendo and boggling for everyone who fails to see why the Wii is selling the way it is(Part pricing, Part Family themed console in our age of "family values).

Vicophine3838d ago

I don't get it either... but you know, the world is full of stupid people..

Jack Bauer3838d ago

it's selling consoles... but not Games, especially 3rd parties

gogators3838d ago

for Wii games at all the Big Box Stores, I could see the Wii selling a far number of software this holiday season. I still don't get the hype with the Wii, but if it makes you happy then go for it.

Rooftrellen3837d ago

Red Steel was a million seller, and it wasn't even good!

RE4 was a million seller as well...but that one deserves it.

Everyone is selling on the Wii.

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Slayer OP3838d ago

How long are people going to buy this?

unsunghero283837d ago

How long are people going to question the Wii's success?

KingKirchner3838d ago

Ya know what people don't seem to realize, games like Super Mario Galaxy, Super Smash Bros., etc. aren't going to be system sellers. They are the same franchises that the Gamecube and N64 had, and neither of those systems saw good sales.

The Wii is selling because of WiiSports, and next year because of Wii Fit. Their first party titles will sell well, but won't convince many people to buy the system.

unsunghero283837d ago

Are you kidding?

Games like those were the only reason the N64 or GameCube had a fighting chance.

Trust me, with Galaxy, Brawl, Mario Kart and Animal Crossing we'll see that the system shortages don't end this side of winter '08.

wiizy3838d ago

more good things coming for the number one system...just fading onto the top..