Planetside 2: Modern Warfare and Battlefield are “like Checkers where we’re sort of like Risk”

PC Gamer have taken an exclusive look at the vast new free to play sequel, Planetside 2. Developers, Sony Online Entertainment told PCG that Planetside 2 battles will rage across “eight-by-eight kilometre continents” and take place on a different scale to the shooters we’re used to.

“I always like to say that Planetside and Planetside 2 are sort of like, they’re to Battlefield and Modern Warfare and those FPS games – and don’t take this as a denigration at all, I love those games, I play those games – but those games are sort of like Checkers where we’re sort of like Risk,” says creative director Matt Higby.

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ATi_Elite2398d ago

I'm very excited about Planetside 2 as it's going to be beyond awesome as it along with Firefall usher in the the Next Gen of MMOFPS.

PC it's the ONLY platform capable of 1000 vs. 1000 on a single battlefield map that's 8x8 kilometers big.