Half Life 2: Zeitgeist - New Screenshots revealed

DSOGaming writes: "Northcape Studios released today some new screenshots for their upcoming Half Life 2 mod, Zeitgeist. Zeitgeist is a single player modification, playing in the futuristic 1930s of a fictional time line."

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ATi_Elite2489d ago

this looks very good. gonna be playing this on release day.

just wish those making Black Mesa could get their mod out....maybe sometime in the 23rd century they will finish it.

john22488d ago

There is evidence that Black Mesa is going well, but then again... it's the vaporware of mods. Imagine what will happen it actually get's released. No more Black Mesa jokes :(

ATi_Elite2488d ago

i think it is truly vaporware. They have been working on it for like 7 years.

I got a bet going that Hl2 ep3 will release before Black Mesa.

Black Mesa: Source = Half-Life 1 Remake
Operation Black Mesa = Half-Life: Opposing Force remake
Guard Duty = Half-Life: Blue Shift remake

all these are currently being remade on the source engine but they are taking forever.