ZTGD | The Saints Row Initiation Station In Action

Want to see the initiation station in action from start to finish (and by "finish" we mean... ok... you get it)?

Check out our hands on and find out why you should get a jump on character creation before you get your hands on Saints Row: The Third on November 15.

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WWE4Eva26662455d ago

who wants this junk???

grand theft auto 5 FTW

B1663r2455d ago

Let me know when GTAV has a vehicle that scoops up and shoots pedestrians.

That video was hilarious.

Lirky2455d ago

Well, the differences in saints row you can custom creator your character fully to use in story mode.

Gta V will most likely use a static character , and you can buy clothing maybe add things the your clothing patches,stickers etc. But its the same static character.

FrustratedFury2455d ago

More like Cars that Control Like Crap V(Five) FTW.

PaladinXII2455d ago

That junk is my man-parts. Do they not teach kids about the human body in school anymore?

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